exam-oriented education 应试教育

optimize the teaching staff 优化教师队伍

on-the-job doctor 在职博士生

on-the-job postgraduate 在职研究生

admission office 招生办公室

enrolment and placement office 招生就业指导办公室

work ethics 职业道德

vocational high school 职业高中(职高)

vocational education 职业教育

the trimester system 三学期制

students are admitted to be trained for pre-determined employers 定向招生

demonstration pilot project 示范试点

mobilize 动员

multi-disciplinary 多学科的

key university 重点大学

be authorized to do  被授权

center for post-doctoral studies 博士后科研流动站

National Invention Prize 国家发明奖

National Prize for Natural Sciences 国家自然科学奖

National Prize for Progres in Science and Technology 国家科技进步奖

symposium / seminar 学术报告会,专题讨论会

press conference 记者招待会

State Education Commission 国家教委

State Statistical Bureau 国家统计局

national expenditure on education 国家教育经费

financial allocation 财政拨款

job training 职业培训

functional illiterate 职业文盲

full-time teacher 专职教师

recruit / introduce (foreign) talents 智力引进

intelligence quotient (IQ) 智商

secondary education 中等教育

subjective initiative 主观能动性

activity to assist the impoverished students 助学行动

all but dissertation (ABD) 准博士

go to study abroad at one’s own expense 自费留学

ABM (AntiBallistic Missile) 反弹道导弹

high-caliber leading cadres 高素质的领导干部队伍

shelve certain political disputes 搁置某些政治争议

old revolutionary base areas 革命老区

all localities and departments 各地各部门

patriots from all walks of life 各界爱国人士

personages of all circles 各界人士

be well positioned, do their best and live in harmony 各尽其能、各得其所又和谐相处

the democratic parties 各民主党派

people’s organizations 各人民团体

attempts to split the Country 各种分裂图谋

fundamental interests 根本利益

workers and farmers 工人农民

the working class in China 工人阶级队伍

Federation of Industry and Commerce 工商联

civil rights / civil liberties 公民权利、自由

citizens’ participation in political affairs 公民政治参与

civic duty 公民职责

fairness and justice 公平和正义

civil servants 公务员

system of public servants 公务员制度

to consolidate and uplift 巩固和提高

to consolidate and uplift 顾全大局

bear in mind the overall interests 顾全大局

the bureaucratic style of work 官僚主义作风


a glorious page in the annals  光辉史册的一页

brightness and progress 光明和进步

a glorious patriotic tradition 光荣的爱国主义传统

broad space for development 广阔的发展空间

gather large numbers of talented people 广纳群贤

national defense 国防

national defense capabilities 国防实力

a highly volatile international situation  国际局势风云变幻

international organizations 国际性组织

state sovereignty and security国家的主权和安全

state-to-state relations 国家关系

comprehensive improvement of land and resources 国土资源综合整治

common aspirations of all peoples 国人的共同愿望

State Council 国务院

transitional period 过渡期

peace, justice and progress 和平,正义,进步

peaceful reunification 和平统一

negotiations and peaceful reunifications 和平统一谈判

peace and development 和平与发展


broaden the fields of endeavor 拓宽领域

the complete realization of the reunification of the motherland 完成祖国统一

self-improvement 完善自己

work with one heart and one mind 万众一心

fine-tuning 微调

law-breakers must be prosecuted 违法必究

the sole criterion 唯一标准

to safeguard world peace and promote common development 维护世界和平与促进共同发展

health and sports undertakings 卫生体育事业

adequate food and clothing program  温饱工程

realm of ideology 意识形态领域

brave difficulties 迎难而上

support the army 拥军

give preferential treatment to the families of servicemen and martyrs (拥军)优属

support the government 拥政

enjoy a lasting peace 永享太平

the eternal soul of the army 永远不变的军魂

accountability for neglect of supervisory duty 用人失察责任追究

accountability for the use of the wrong person 用人失误责任追究

optimize structure优化结构

optimize and upgrade 优化升级

the laws observed 有法必依

there are laws to go by 有法可依

supervisory function of the media 舆论监督

share weal and woe with the people 与人民群众共命运

advances with the times 与时代发展同步伐

keep pace with the times 与时俱进

with a long history behind it 源远流长

developing amidst twists and turns 在曲折中发展

increase understanding增加了解

be mindful of potential danger 增强忧患意识

strategic plan 战略部署

strategic adjustment 战略性调整

energetic and promising leadership 朝气蓬勃、奋发有为的领导层

to be rectified and standardized 整顿和规范

regularized 正规化

government intervention 政府干预

government organs; government institutions 政府机构

special government allowance 政府特殊津贴

separating the functions of government from those of institutions 政事分开

(have) a good government and a united people 政通人和

CPPCC committees 政协委员会

the political and economic spheres 政治、经济领域

old political and economic order 政治经济旧秩序

politburo 政治局

political situation 政治局面

political restructuring 政治体制

political consultation 政治协商

political consultation system 政治协商制度

kingpin  支撑

intellectuals 知识分子

(be) better educated 知识化

the laws strictly enforced 执法必严

exercise the state power in the interest of the people 执政为民

the cornerstone for its (the party’s) governance 执政之基

municipality directly under the Central Government 直辖市

overlapping functions 职能交*

guiding ideology 指导思想

the formulation of the eleventh five-year plan 制定”十一五”计划

institutional innovation 制度创新

running the party, state and army 治党治国治军

intellectual support 智力支持

the CPC (Communist Party of China) central committee 中共中央

CCCP (Central Committee of Communist Party) 中共中央委员会

the seventeenth national congress of the CPC 中国共产党第十七次全国代表大会

Socialism with Chinese characteristics 中国特色社会主义事业

all sons and daughters of the Chinese nation 中华儿女

the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation 中华民族的伟大复兴

the Chinese civilization 中华文明

central and western regions 中西部地区

central commission for discipline inspections of the CPC 中央纪委

united front work department of CPC central committee 中央统战部

the central committee 中央委员会

the central government 中央政府

loyal guards 忠诚卫士

crucial historical junctions 重大历史关头

significant headway 重要进展

fetters of subjectivism and metaphysics 主观主义和形而上学的桎梏

sovereignty and territorial integrity 主权和领土完整

the principal contradiction 主要矛盾

expert consulting system 专家咨询制度

more professionally competent 专业化

the pace of change 转变步伐

a grand mission 庄严使命

the allocation of resources 资源配置

ceaseless self-improvement 自强不息

self-governance 自治

overall national strength 综合国力

review our experience gained in practice 总结自己的实践经验

blazing a new trail 走出一条新路子

to spearhead 走在前列

organizational supervision 组织监督

one’s home country; motherland 祖国

national reunification; reunification of the motherland 祖国统一

the great cause of national reunification 祖国统一大业

the overwhelming majority of the people 最广大人民

the broadest possible 最广泛的

Alma Mater 母校

bachelor’s degree 学士学位

brain drain人才流失

Cambridge 剑桥大学

college equivalency 大学同等学力

degree 学位

diploma 毕业文凭

division 分校

doctoral degree / Ph.D. degree 博士学位

dropout 辍学

eliminate illiteracy 扫盲

generation gap 代沟

Harvard  哈佛大学

intercultural exchange 国际文化交流

Jurist Master 法律硕士

Jurum Doctor 法学博士

life-long learning 终身学习

master’s degree 硕士学位

MIT 麻省理工学院

non-residential college 不提供住宿的大学

on-the-job training 在职培训

open universities (采用电视、广播、函授进行教学的)开放大学

Oxford  牛津大学

polytechnic 工艺学校,工艺的

Princeton 美国普林斯顿大学










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