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237. no end of (=very manymuch) 很多,大量
238. in the end (=finally, eventually) 最终
239. at one’s wit’s end (=not knowing what to do or to say) 无法可想, 智穷计尽
240. end up with 以…而结束
241. come to and end (=finish) 结束
242. end in 以…为结束
243. engage in 或 be engaged in 忙于,从事
244. enter for (=put the name on a list for) 报名参加
245. enter into (=begin) 开始(谈话, 谈判等)
246. enter on upon (=begin) 开始 (一个时代. 一种生涯. 一段任期等)
247. be entitled to (=be given the right to do sth.)有权…,有资格…
248. be equal to 等于
249. be feel equal to (=have enough strength, ability etc.) (某人)能胜任,能应付 on equal terms(=on and equal footing)平等地
250. be equipped with 装备有,装有
251. (be) equivalent to(=equal in value, amount, meaning) 相等于, 相当于
252. in essence (=in itsone’s nature) 本质上
253. at all events (=in spite of everything, in any case) 不论怎样, 无论如何
254. in any event (=whatever happens in the future) 无论如何, 不管(将来)怎么样
255. in the event that(=if) 假如, 如果. in the event 结果, 实际情况是(常与but 连用)
256. in the event of(=in case of)万一,即使发生..时
257. except 除…以外; besides 除…以外还有..
258. except (=but) 除了。
259. except for (=apart from) 除…以外
260. (an) exception to …的例外
261. with the exception of (=except, apart from) 除去…., 除…以外
262. in excess of (=more than) 超过
263. exchange…for 以…交换
264. exclusive of (=not taking into account; without) 不包括
265. in excuse of 作为…的借口
266. exert…on… 对…施加…
267. exert oneself to do sth. 努力,使劲
268. come into existence (=begin to exist)开始存在; come into use开始使用; come into effect开始运转; come into fashion开始时新; come into action开始行动; come into power开始执政; come into sight进入视野;come into blossom开花;
269. (be) in existence存在 come into existence 出现
270. expect…of 在…期望…
271. at the expense of在损害…情况下,以…为牺牲
272. expose…to…使暴露于…, 使…受(危险,风险)
273. be exposed to… 面临…, 受到….
274. beyond expression (=in a manner that cannot be expressed) 无法形容, 说不出的
275. give expression to 表达, 表现 find expression in 表现
276. to …extent 在…程度上
277. in the extreme (= extremely) 极其
278. look sb. in the eye 正视, 打量(某人)
279. close (shut) one’s eyes to不理会,视而不见
280. in one’s mind’s eye 在心目中, 在想象中
281. in the twinkling of an eye 一眨眼,转眼间
282. keep an eye on(=keep a watch on)照看,监视
283. in the eyes of in one’s eyes ( = in the judgment of ) 在某人看来, 在某人眼里
284. on the face of it (=judging by what one can see) 表面看来
285. in the face of 面对着(困难等情况)
286. in one’s face当着某人的面; face to faced面对面; face up to 大胆面向
287. fail in (=be unsuccessful in) 失败
288. in good faith(=honestly, sincerely) 真诚地
289. keep faith with 对…守信用
290. lose faith in 对…失去信心
291. on faith 毫无怀疑地, 依赖地
292. faithful to (=loyal to) 对…忠诚
293. fall into the habit (of) 养成…习惯
294. fall short of (=fail to reach a desired result, standard, etc.) 没达到, 低于
295. familiar with 熟悉,了解
296. have a fancy for ( =like sth. without the help of reason) (没有道理地)喜欢, 想要
297. take a fancy to (=become fond of) 喜欢
298. by far 远, 非常 (与比较级或最高级连用)
299. far from 远远不是
300. far from 非但不…(而且)
301. in fashion(=stylish, most modern)时兴,流行
302. after the fashion (of) 依照…
303. find fault with(=complain about; criticize)找毛病,对…吹毛求疵
304. at fault (=in the wrong, blamable)有错
305. in favour of 赞成
306. be in favour with 受宠, 受偏爱;
out of favour with 失宠, 不受宠
307. in one’s favour(=to one’s advantage)对.有利
308. (be) favourable to(=advantageous)有利的
309. fear for (=be afraid for the safety of sb. or sth.) 为…担心
310. for fear of (=in case of; because of anxiety about) 以防, 由于怕
311. in fear of (=afraid for the safety of) 担心
312. feed (sb.) on sth. 靠吃…, 用…喂养
313. be fed up with(=be unhappy, tired about sth. dull) 厌烦, 腻了
314. feel like (=have a desire for) 想要
315. fill in 填写
316. fill out ( =fill in )填写
317. set the world on fire=set the flames on fire(=do sth. remarkable)有突出成就
318. play with fire (=take great risks)干冒险事
319. set sth. on fire(=set fire to sth.)使..着火,放火
320. at first sight(=when first seen)乍一看,一见
321. for the first time 第一次 (作状语)
322. in the first place 首先, 第一
323. fit into 刚好放入
324. fit in with ( = suit , fall into agreement) 合适, 相配, 一致
325. (be) fit for (=right and suitable for) 适合
326. focus on (=concentrate on) 集中在…上 focus sth. on 把…集中在…上
327. be fond of 喜欢
328. (be) in force 有效 , 实施
329. go into force 开始生效
330. by force 靠武力, 强行
331. force…on 把…强加给…
332. in the form of 以…形式
333. be fortunate in 幸运,有好运气
334. free of charge 免费
335. be freed from 免受, 没有…
336. in front of 在…前面 in the front of 在…前部
337. furnish…with (=supply) 向…提供
338. in general (=in most cases, usually)通常
339. catch (or get) a glimpse of 瞥见(强调结果) take a glance(or look) at看一 眼(强调动作)
340. be good for 对…有好处;对…有作用 be good at 擅长于; be good to 对…好
341. in good time(=early)早早地(做完.到达等)
342. for good (=for ever) 永远地, 长期地
343. take…for granted (=assume to be true) 把…认为理所当然的.
344. be grateful to sb. for sth 因…感谢某人
345. on the ground(s) fo (=because of) 由于…
346. fall to the ground (计划.希望等)失败,落空
347. on one’s guard(against) 谨防, 警惕 (be) on guard 站岗
348. guard against (=defend, keep safe)警惕,防止 guard…against 警卫…防止
349. guess at 猜, 估计
350. by guess 靠猜
351. be guilty of 犯有…罪或过失
352. be in the habit of 习惯于
353. break off (a habit) 改掉(某种习惯)
354. break sb. of (a habit)使某人改掉(某习惯)
355. get (fall) into the habit of养成了…的习惯
356. come to a halt (=stop) 停止; 停住
357. at hand 在手边, 眼前(附近)
358. by hand 用手工(做)
359. hand in glove(with) 狼狈为奸, 密切合作
360. in hand 1)在手边 2)(=under control)控制住
361. in the hands of 由…掌握, 控制, 负责
362. live from hand to mouth勉强度日,现挣现吃
363. at the head of 在…的前头
364. head for (=move towards) 向…方向前进
365. hear of (=know about) 听人说起, 听说过
366. at heart (=in reality) 内心里, 实际上
367. in one’s heart (of hearts)内心深处,事实上
368. by heart (=by memory) 熟记, 背(诵)
369. to one’s heart’s content 尽情地
370. with all one’s heart全心全意地,真心实意
371. hinder…form(=stop…from)阻碍,使..不能做
372. be (go) on holiday 在(去)度假 go on holiday = go for a holiday
373. be (feel) at home (=to be comfortable; not feel worried) 感觉合适,无拘束 ,熟悉
374. be honest in诚实
375. in one’s honour (or in honour of)祝贺,纪念
376. on one’s honour 以某人的名誉担保
377. hope for 希望(某事发生),希望有
378. to one’s horror 令某人感到恐惧的是
379. in a hurry (=hastily) 匆忙地
380. be identical with(=exactly alike)和完全相同
381. be identified with 被视为与…等同
382. in ignorance of 不知道…
383. be ignorant of ( = lacking knowledge) 对…不了解,不知道
384. (an) impact (on) 对…的强烈影响
385. impose…on 把…强加给
386. impress…on 给…留下印象
387. make (leave) an impression on sb. =give sb. an impression 给…留下印象
388.under the impression that有..的印象,认为
389. improve sth.(make sth. better)把原物改进 improve on(=produce or be sth. better than…) 另做一物比原物更好
390. improve in (=get better) 有改进, 好些
391. improvement in 表示原物有改进,好转
392. include…in 把…列在…里面
393. inclusive of 把…包括在内
394. independent of 独立的,不受约束的
395. indicative of 表明, 说明
396. be indifferent to (=not interested in)对…漠不关心, 冷淡, 不在乎
397. (be) inferior to(=less good in quality or value) 比…差; superior to比… 好
398. inform sb. of sth. 通知, 告诉
399. be innocent of 无罪的,无辜的
400. insist on (=order sth. to happen) 坚持要
401. instead of (=in place of) 代替,而不是…
402. instruct…in (=teach) 教.指导.训练某人…
403. insure…for 把…保险(多少钱); ensure 使安全; assure…(of) 使…确信,保证
404. insure…against 保险…以防
405. intend…for 打算把…给
406. (be) intent on 专心致志, 坚决
407. in the interests of 符合…的利益 be interested in 对…感兴趣
408. interfere in干涉, interfere with打搅,干扰
409. at intervals 每隔一会儿, 每隔一段距离
410. intervene in 干预
411. invest in 投资
412. be involved in (=become connected or concerned) 卷入, 参加
413. by itself (=alone, without help)单独地,靠自己
414. in itself 本身; of itself 自发,自然
415. be jealous of 妒忌
416. jump at (=to be eager to accept)抢着接受,
417. jump on (=scold, tell of) 叱责
418. junior to sb. 年纪较…轻, 职位较…低.
419. (be) keen on 喜爱, 渴望
420. keep a close watch on ( =keep a sharp lookout for) 密切注视
421. keep…to oneself(=keep secret)不告诉别人
422. to(the best of) one’s knowledge 据…所知
423. at large(=at liberty, free) 在逃, 逍遥法外 at large(=in general) 一般来说, 大体上 at large(=at full length; with details)详细地
424. lean against (背)靠着…
425. at least 至少; at most 至多
426. (not) in the least 一点(也不), 丝毫(也不)
427. at one’s leisure 在…有空的时候
428. lend itselfthemselves to适合于(某用途)
429. at length (=after a long time, at last)终于 at length (=in detail, thoroughly)详细地
430. go to any length想一切办法, 尽一切力量
431. be liable to (=be subject to)易于..的,应受(罚)
432. be liable for 对…应负责任的
433. lie in 在于
434. in life 一生中
435. for life 终身
436. in the light of (=considering; taking into account) 考虑到, 根据
437. throw light on ( = make clear, explain) 使…更为清楚, 提供线索, 阐明
438. in line with(=in agreement with)符合,一致
439. long for(=want very much)渴望,希望得到
440. for long 很久,很长时间(否定句.疑问句中)
441. before long (=soon)不久, 过了不久以后.
442. in the long run (=in the end)从长远来说,最后; in the short term (从短期来说)
443. (be) at a loss 不知所措
444.major in 主修(某课程)
445. as a matter of fact 实际上, 事实是
446. by all means (=at all costs)不惜一切. (=certainly) 当然行;by means of用…; by no means 完全不, 决不
447. on memory of 为纪念…
448. on the mend (=in the process of recovering) 好转, 在康复中
449. mention sth. to sb. 向某人提起某事
450. at the mercy of (=in the power of) 任…摆布, 在…支配下
451. be in a mess 乱七八糟, 处境困难 make a mess of 弄乱, 打乱
452. bear(or keep)…in mind(=remember)牢记
453. bring(or call)to mind(=remember)使回想起
454. by mistake(由于粗心,健忘原因而)错误地
455. at the moment (=now) 此刻,现在 for the moment (=for the time being)暂时 just a moment 稍等片刻 at the last moment 在最后一刻
456. in the mood for 有情绪去做..,有心境做.
457. no more…than 和…一样都不…
458. for the most part 多半,大多数,一般来说
459. at (the) most 最多, 至多
460. make the most of 充分利用
461. be not much of(=not a good)不是很好的… be something of 有点…,像…
462. name after 用…的名字命名
463. native to 所产的
464. by nature 天生的, 生来
465. in mature 本质上
466. (be) in the nature of 属…性质
467. none other that 不是别人,正是…
468. above normal 高于正常(温度)
469. for nothing (=free, without payment)免费
470. nothing but 只有, 不过…而已
471. to say nothing of(=not to mention)更不用说…
472. do sth. at short notice 只给很少时间准备
473. until further notice 在另行通知前
474. take notice of (=pay attention) 注意
475. object to (=be opposed to) 反对
476. objection to (接动名词) 反对
477. on occasion(=now and then)不时地,必要时
478. by occasion of (=because of) 由于
479. occupy oneself with (in) 忙于(某事)
480. it occurs to sb. that… 某人想到…
481. once and for all =once and forever永远地 all at once (=suddenly, now) 立即,马上 once in a while (=occasionally) 偶尔 (just) for once 就这一次
482. (all) by oneself 独自(没有别人帮助)
483. operate on sb. 给某人做手术 operation n. come go into operation开始运转 putbring sth. into operation 使…投产,运转
484. be of the opinion 持有…的看法
485. in one’s opinion 按某人的看法
486. be opposed to… 反对…
487. be opposite to 与…相反的
488. (be) in order(=acceptable)合适的,恰当的 in order 井井有条,处于良好状态; out of order(=in bad condition)出毛病,发生故障
489. made to order 定做的(衣服)
490. originate infrom(=begin)起源于,由..引起
491. on the outskirts (of) 在城郊
492. owe…to 把…归于…
493. on one’s own (=along, without help)单独
494. of one’s own某人自己的
495. keep pace with 跟…齐步前进
496. go to great pains=take pains 下功夫,努力
497. part with (=give up, sell) 舍弃,卖掉
498. participate in (=take part in)参加
499. (be) particular about 讲究,挑剔(吃,穿)
500. in particular (=especially) 特别是,尤其




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