One Country, Two Systems 一国两制

Three Direct Links (Mail, Air and Shipping Services and Trade) (两岸)直接三通

23 Million Taiwan Compatriots 两千三百万台湾同胞

Two Conferences (NPC and CPPCC) 两会(人大,政协)

Three Represents 三个代表

the Important Thought of Three Represents 三个代表重要思想

Woman Pace-Setter 三八红旗手

the Three Major Historical Tasks三大历史任务

the Seven-Year Program to Help 80 Million People Out of Poverty “八七”扶贫攻坚计划

the Eleventh Five-Year Plan (2006-2010) “十一五”计划

the 15th central committee of the communist party of China (CPC) 第十五届中央委员会

17th Party Congress 十七大

the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee 十一届三中全会

South-South Cooperation 南南合作

North-South Dialog 南北对话

Taiwan Independence 台独

“Bring In” and “Going Out” “引进来”和”走出去”政策

patriotic democratic personages爱国民主人士

patriotic united front 爱国统一战线

patriotism 爱国主义精神

live and work in peace and contentment 安居乐业

an enterprising spirit 昂扬向上的精神状态

our compatriots in the Macao SAR (Special Administrative Region)澳门特别行政区同胞

hegemonism 霸权主义

a hundred flowers blossom 百花齐放

a hundred schools of thought contend百家争鸣

the stability in border areas 边疆稳定

remote areas 边远地区

a magnificent upsurge 波澜壮阔

extensive and profound 博大精深

never degenerating 不变质

constantly better people’s lives 不断提高人民生活水平

unfair and irrational 不公正不合理

shackles of the outdated notions 不合时宜的观念的束缚

an inexhaustible motive force 不竭动力

invincible 不可战胜

an irresistible trend of history 不可阻挡的历史潮流

not lose our bearings不迷失方向

uneven 不平衡

a tortuous course 不平坦的道路

not all-inclusive 不全面的

take resolute measures 采取果断措施

participation in and deliberation of state affairs 参政议政

long-term coexistence 长期共存

long-term social stability and solidarity 长期社会安定团结

long-term peace and order 长治久安

honesty 诚实守信

fully mobilize and rally充分调动和凝聚

take shape initially 初步建立

traditional threats to security 传统安全威胁

creativity, cohesion and fighting capacity 创造力、凝聚力和战斗力

system of resignation 辞职制

proceed from our national conditions 从我国国情出发

promote common development 促进共同发展

promote all-round social progress 促进社会全面进步

assuming heavy responsibilities 担当重任

the contemporary era 当代

masters of the country当家作主

the wish to be the masters of our country 当家作主的愿望

congress of party representatives 党代会

backbone of the party 党的骨干力量

the party’s basic theory, line and program 党的基本理论、路线和纲领

party building 党的建设

party’s progressiveness 党的先进性

the destiny of the party and state 党和国家前途命运

the cause of the party and state 党和国家事业

Deng Xiaoping theory 邓小平理论

the demise of comrade Deng Xiaoping邓小平同志逝世

the sixth place 第六位

the primary productive force 第一生产力

E-government 电子政务

mobilize the initiative 调动积极性

equal political entities 对等的政治实体

erroneous and dogmatic interpretation of Marxism 对马克思主义的错误和教条式的理解

multi-tiered 多层次

multiparty cooperation 多党合作

diversify 多元化

pluralistic society多元社会

diverse forces 多种力量

duplicate law enforcement 多重多头执法

awareness of law 法制观念

a country with an adequate legal system 法制国家

a country under the rule of law 法治国家

prosperity, stability and development 繁荣、稳定和发展

fight against “Taiwan Independence” 反对”台独”

oppose separation 反对分裂

combat corruption and build a clean government 反腐倡廉

guard against 防止

non-traditional threats to security 非传统安全威胁

splitting activities 分裂活动

the objectives and tasks 奋斗目标和任务

develop diverse forms of democracy 丰富民主形式

trials and tribulations 风浪考验

serve the overall interests 服务大局

strong, prosperous, democratic and culturally advanced 富强、民主、文明

hinterland 腹地

reform, development and stability 改革、发展、稳定

reform and opening-up  改革开放

fall behind the times 落后于时代

Marxism-Leninism 马克思列宁主义

the basic tenets of Marxism 马克思主义基本原理

a Marxist ruling party 马克思主义执政党

Mao Zendong Thought 毛泽东思想

the militia 民兵

Democratic Progressive Party 民进党

people’s livelihood 民生

democratic and the legal system 民主法制

democratic management  民主管理

prepared for both promotion and demotion 能上能下

to alleviate rural poverty through development 农村扶贫开发

reform of rural taxes and administrative charges 农村税费改革

problems facing agriculture, rural areas and farmers 农业、农村和农民问题

agriculture and rural work 农业和农村工作

agriculture as the foundation of the economy 农业基础地位

falsification 弄虚作假

personnel training 培养人才

people in financial difficulties 贫困群众

smooth transition of power平稳过渡

extravagance and waste 铺张浪费

general election system 普选制

less developed 欠发达地区

intensify functions 强化功能

win-win co-operation 强强联手

power politics 强权政治

overseas Chinese 侨胞

overseas Chinese affairs 侨务工作

industry and courage 勤劳勇敢

seek common ground while shelving differences 求同存异

regional organizations 区域性组织

tortuous road 曲折的道路

draw upon one another’s strong points 取长补短

yield substantial results 取得丰硕成果

score tremendous achievements 取得巨大成就

repeal taxes on special agricultural products 取消农业特产税

all the party members; whole party 全党

the crystallization of the party’s collective wisdom 全党集体智慧的结晶

all-dimensional 全方位

the Chinese people of all nationalities; people of all ethnic groups of the country 全国各族人民

deputy to the National People’s Congress 全国人大代表

the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference 全国政协

plenary sessions 全会

build a well-off society in an all-round way; build a moderately prosperous society in all respects 全面建设小康社会

in full swing 全面展开

divorce between powers and responsibilities 权责脱节

the general public 群众

People’s Congresses 人大

the standing committees 人大常委会

NPC (National People’s Congress) member 人大代表

the spirit of the congress 人大精神

put sb. to the best use 人尽其才

a full display of advantages in human resources 人力资源优势得到充分发挥

material and cultural needs of the people 人民的物质文化需要

the people’s democratic dictatorship 人民民主专政

upgrade the texture of life for the people 人民生活更加殷实

mass organizations 人民团体

the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) 人民政协

the trend of popular sentiment 人心向背

personnel exchanges 人员往来

treating each other with all sincerity 肝胆相照

the high degree of unity and solidarity 高度团结统一

a high degree of autonomy 高度自治

hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping theory 高举邓小平理论伟大旗帜

lofty character 高尚的品格

opera highlights 折子戏

stilt walk 踩高跷

pantomime; mime 哑剧

pantomimist 哑剧演员

skit 戏剧小品

circus show 马戏

monologue comic talk, standup comedy 单口相声

stunt 特技表演

witty dialogue comedy, comic cross talk 相声

the traditional story-telling in Beijing dialect with drum accompaniment 京韵大鼓

shaanxi opera 秦腔

sealcutting 篆刻

characters cut in intaglio 阴文

characters cut in relief 阳文

seal 图章

graver 刻刀

making rubbings from stone inscriptions 拓碑

rubbing 拓片

workmanship/craftsmanship 工艺,手艺

handicraft 手工艺品

wood carving 木雕

boxwood craft 黄杨木雕

carved lacquerware 雕漆

stone carving 石雕

miniature engraving 微雕

ivory carving 象牙雕

bamboo engraving 竹雕

shell carving 贝雕

ice sculpture 冰雕

painted sculpture 彩塑

enamel 瓷釉

embroidery 刺绣

scroll 卷轴

batik 蜡染

clay figure 泥人

lacquer painting 漆画

lacquer ware 漆器

celadon 青瓷色

two-sided embroidery 双面绣

landscape/ink painting 水墨画

Suzhou embroidery 苏绣

sandalwood fan 檀香扇

trio-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty 唐三彩

pottery 陶器

Ceramics 制陶业

the four stationery treasures of the Chinese study—a writing brush, an ink stick, an ink stone and paper 文房四宝

inkslab engraving 砚刻

Yixing pottery 宜兴陶

folding fan 折扇

Wickerwork 枝编工艺

tapestry 织锦,挂毯

papier mache 纸工艺品

Chinese painting 中国画

folklores 民间传说

fable 寓言

legend 传说

mythology 神话

God of Heaven 玉皇大帝

the Eight Immortals 八仙

Chang’e, the Chinese moon goddess 嫦娥

Fu Xi, God of Fishery and Husbandry 伏羲

god of fortune, god of prosperity, and god of longevity 福禄寿三星

god of fortune 财神

god of the kitchen 灶神

Gonggong, God of Water 公神

Houyi (a legendary hero who shot down nine suns) 后羿

Yellow Emperor 黄帝

Kuafu (a fabled sun-chasing giant ) 夸父

Nuwa: a goddess who patches up the sky 女娲

Pan Gu, creator of the universe 盘古

Patron of Agriculture 神农

Yu, the reputed founder of the Xia Dynasty 禹

Zhurong, God of Fire 祝融

make the past serve the present and the foreign serve China 古为今用,洋为中用

inscribe a poem 赋诗

matching an antithetical couplet 对对联

solar calendar 阳历

gregorian calendar 公历

lunar calendar 阴历

heavenly stem 天干

earthly branch 地支

leap year 闰年

the twenty-four solar terms 二十四节气

zodiac 十二生肖

rat 鼠

ox 牛

tiger 虎

hare 兔

dragon 龙

snake 蛇

horse 马

sheep 羊

monkey 猴

rooster 鸡

dog 狗

pig 猪

year of monkey 猴年

one’s year of birth considered in relation to the 12 Terrestrial Branches 本命年

traditional holidays 传统节日

Spring Festival 春节

pay a New Year visit 拜年

firecracker 鞭炮,爆竹

Eve of Chinese New Year 除夕

Spring couplets 春联

ring out the old year and ring in the new 辞旧迎新

Jiaozi, boiled dumpling 饺子

pot sticker 锅贴

temple fair 庙会

ring out the old year 鸣钟辞旧岁

(traditional) New Year pictures 年画

the Eve Feast; family reunion dinner on Lunar New Year’s Eve 年夜饭

year-end household cleaning 年终大扫除

stay up late on the New Year’s Eve 守岁

family reunion dinner 团圆饭

New Year gift-money; money given to children as a New Year gift 压岁钱

dragon dance 舞龙

Lantern Festival (15th day of the first lunar month) 元宵节

sweet sticky rice dumplings 元宵

festival lantern 花灯

lantern riddle 灯谜

lion dance 狮子舞

stilt walking 踩高跷

Pure Brightness Festival/Tomb-sweeping Day (April the 5th) 清明节

sweep tomb sites of loved ones 扫墓

offer sacrifices to the ancestors 祭祖

go for an outing in spring 踏青

dragon Boat Festival (5th of the fifth lunar month) 端午节

dragon boat race 赛龙舟

zongzi (pyramid-shaped dumpling made by glutinous rice wrapped in reed or bamboo leaves) 粽子

Departed soul 亡灵

loyal minister 忠臣

Quyuan the poet 诗人屈原

Moon Festival/Mid- Autumn Day (15th of eighth lhunar month) 中秋节

mooncake 月饼

appreciate the glorious full moon 赏月

reunion 团圆

sweet osmanthus 桂花

Double Ninth Day/the Aged Day 重阳节

admire the beauty of chrysanthemum 赏菊

climb mountain 登高

TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) 中药

First Emperor, Emperor Chin 秦始皇帝

empress dowager 皇太后

founder of the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) 汉高祖刘邦

Genghis Khan; Temujin 成吉思汗

gifted scholars and beautiful ladies 才子佳人

cradle of civilization 文明摇篮

Xia Dynasty 夏朝

(of) Ming and Qing dynasties 明清两代

Chinese civilization 中华文明

Sichuan, Szechwan, Szechuan 四川

Shaanxi 陕西

Research Center for Ancient Civilizations 古文明研究中心

Chinese and overseas scholars 中外学者

archaeologists 考古学家

anthropologist 人类学家

historian 历史学家

Tao, ”the way”, the principle of workings of the universe 道

humaneness (also mean:humanity, benevolence, goodness, virtue) 仁











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