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政治与经济类词条英语翻译大全(二) 1



Reform of State-Owned Enterprises国有企业改革

Step up efforts to reform State-owned enterprises 加大国有企业改革力度
Readjust and reorganize State-owned enterprises to 调整改组国有企业促进资产重组
promote re-arrangement of assets and raise the 提高国有经济的总体素质
overall quality of the State sector of the economy
Concentrate on rejuvenating State-owned large 集中力量抓好国有大型企业和
enterprises and enterprises groups 企业集团
Develop trans-regional and inter-trade enterprise 发展跨地区跨行业的企业集团
Reform, reorganization and upgrading 改革,改组和改造
Re-organization, association, merger, joint 改组,联合,兼并,股份合作制
partnership, leasing, contract operation 租赁,承包经营和出售
and sell-off
Manage well large enterprises and adopt a flexible 抓好大的,放活小的
policy towards small ones
Give small State-owned enterprises greater freedom 放活国有小企业
Standardize bankruptcy procedures, encourage 规范破产程序,鼓励企业兼并,
merging of enterprises and promote re-employment 促进再就业
Allow money-losing enterprise to merger 允许亏损企业兼并或破产
or go bankrupt
Dispersion of redundant employees 分流富余人员
Re-employment funds 再就业基金
Conscientiously strengthen the operation and 切实加强企业经营管理
management of enterprises
Strengthen financial management of enterprises 强化企业财务管理
Tighten control over extrabudgetary funds 加强预算外资金管理
Increase capital and reduce debts through various 多渠道增资减债
Strive to help enterprises eliminate losses and 抓好企业扭亏增盈
increase profits
Develop various modes of operation and marketing 发展多种营销方式
Alleviate enterprises’ social burdens 减轻企业的社会负担
By tapping the potential and upgrading the 通过挖潜改造
Mechanism for selecting the superior and eliminating 优胜劣汰机制
the inferior
Enjoy more decision-making power 享有更多的决策权
Allow employees to hold some shares 允许职工持股
Give more productive enterprises the power to engage 给更多的生产企业自营出口权
in export independently
Protect the interests of the working class 保护工人阶级利益
Technological upgrading 技术改造
Reform of state-owned enterprises 国有企业改革
Deepening of the reform of State-owned enterprises 深化国有企业改革
Modern enterprise system 现代企业制度
Reorganization of state-owned enterprises 国有企业重组
Transform the enterprises’ management mechanisms
of State-owned enterprises 转换国有企业经营机制
Adjustment of industrial structure 行业结构调整
Industrial policy 产业政策
Support and develop large enterprises and release small
enterprises 支持发展大企业放开小企业
Large and medium-sized State-owned enterprises can be
turned into corporate enterprises 大中型企业可转变为股份公司
Smaller enterprises can become shareholding co-operatives 小企业可转变为股份合作制
Readjust the asset-liability ratio of state-owned enterprises 调整国有企业资产负债比
State-owned independent accounting industrial enterprises 国有独立核算企业
Pioneer enterprise 试点企业
Enlarge the right of self-management 扩大自主权
Optimize capital structure 优化资本结构
Optimize resource allocation 优化资源配置
Optimize investment structure 优化投资结构
Recapitalization 调整资本结构
Capital reorganization 资本重组
Promote rational flow of property right 促进产权合理流动
Reduce staff to improve efficiency 减员增效
Investment risk mechanism 投资风险机制
Project capital system 项目资本金制度
Legal person responsibility system 法人责任制
Responsibility for one’s own profit and loss 自负盈亏
Enterprise contract management responsibility system 企业承包责任制
Unreasonable economic structure 不合理的经济结构
Unreasonable product structure 不合理的产品结构
Repeated construction 重复建设
Repeated introduction of foreign equipment and technology 外国设备和技术的重复引进
Regional and departmental protectionism 地区和部门保持主义
Government supervision 政府监督
Operating strategy 经营战略
Out-dated management styles 落后的管理方式
Backward in management 管理落后
Relying on government subsidy 依赖政府补贴
Heavy social subsidy 沉重的社会补贴
Heavy social burdens 沉重的社会负担
Excessive production capacity 过剩的生产能力
Merger and acquisition 兼并与收购
Encourage merger 鼓励兼并
Preferential policy for bankruptcy and merger 对破产和兼并企业的优惠政策
Standardize bankruptcy procedure 规范破产程序
Prevent false bankruptcy 防止假破产
Construction of a multi-layer social security system 建立多层次的社会保障制度
Re-employment projects 再就业工程
Re-employment of redundant workers 富余职工再就业
Laid-off workers 下岗职工


Central enterprise 中央企业
Local enterprise 地方企业
Backbone enterprise 骨干企业
Large and medium enterprise 大中型企业
State-owned enterprise 国有企业
Enterprise solely funded by the State 国有独资企业
State-owned firm 国有公司,国有企业
Corporate enterprise 股份制企业
Collective enterprise 集体企业
Collective firm 集体企业,合作企业
Township enterprise 乡镇企业
Partnership enterprise 合伙企业
Individual enterprise 个体企业
Foreign-funded enterprise 外资企业
Top 500 enterprises 最大500家企业
Small business 小企业
Primary industry 第一产业
Secondary industry 第二产业
Tertiary industry 第三产业
Corporate Law 公司法
Township Enterprise Law 乡镇企业法
Independent legal entities 独立法人
Board of directors 董事会
Board of supervisors 监事会
Shareholders conference 股东大会
Entrepreneur 企业家
Firm 公司,企业
Company 公司
Incorporation 公司
Corporation 股份公司
Group of enterprises 企业集团
Conglomerate 企业集团,综合性大企业
Company limited by shares 股份有限责任公司
Controlling company 控股公司
Holding company 控股公司
Bank holding company 银行控股公司
Company with limited liability 有限责任公司
State-owned holding company 国家控股公司
Public company 上市公司
Private company 非上市公司
Listed company 上市公司
Overseas-listed company 境外上市公司
Parent company 母公司
Subsidiary company 子公司
Group company 集团公司
Large-scale industrial group 大型工业集团
International conglomerate 跨国企业集团
International corporation 跨国公司
Multinational corporation 跨国公司
Multinational market group 跨国市场集团
Banking institution 金融机构
Banking sector 银行部门
Intermediary bank 中介银行
Development bank 开发银行
Commercial bank 商业银行
Investment bank 投资银行
Credit bank 信贷银行
Cooperative bank 合作银行
Mortgage bank 抵押银行
Clearing bank 清算银行
Credit union 信用社
Non-bank financial institution 非银行金融机构
Financing corporation 金融公司
Securities company 证券公司
Underwriting company 担保公司
Loan and trust company 信托公司
Insurance company 保险公司
Life insurance company 人寿保险公司
Utility company 公共事业公司

Reorganization 重组
Association 联合
Merger 兼并
Acquisition 收购
Joint stock partnership 股份合作
Leasing 出租
Contract operation 承包经营
Auction 拍卖
Develop trans-regional and trans-industry enterprise groups 发展跨地区跨行业的企业集团
Strategic acquisition 战略性收购
Combination of enterprise 企业合并
Concentric acquisition 集中收购
Conglomerate merger 集团企业合并
Consolidation by lease 租赁式合并
Consolidation by merger 兼并式合并
Leveraged buy-out (LBO’s) 杠杆收购
Stock merger 股票兼并
Vertical acquisition 纵向收购
Vertical merger 纵向兼并
Vertical consolidation 纵向合并
Vertical integration 纵向合并
Horizontal merger 横向兼并
Horizontal acquisition 横向收购
Horizontal combination 横向合并,同行业合并
Horizontal integration 横向联合
Acquisition cost 收购成本
Acquiring enterprise 收购方企业
Corporate reorganization 公司重组
Bankruptcy Law 破产法
Bankruptcy code chapter 7— liquidation 破产法第七章 清算
Bankruptcy code 11 — reorganization 破产法第十一章 重组
Act of bankruptcy 破产法案
Antitrust Law 反托拉斯法
Bankruptcy court 破产法庭
Bankruptcy debtor 破产债务人
Bankruptcy notice 破产公告
Bankruptcy petition 要求宣布破产
Declaration of bankruptcy 宣告破产
Arrangement in bankruptcy court 破产法庭内的协调
Arrangement out of bankruptcy court 不经破产法庭的协调
Creditor’s equity 债权人权益
Bankruptcy trustee 破产受托人
Creditor’s meeting 债权人会议
Creditor of bankruptcy 破产债权人

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