Reform and Opening 改革开放

Deepening reform and opening up 深化改革扩大开放
The theory of building socialism with Chinese 建设有中国特色的社会
characteristics 主义理论
The theory on the initial stage of socialism 社会主义初级阶段的理论
One focus, two basic points 一个中心,两个基本点
Focus on economic construction 以经济建设为中心
Adhere to the four cardinal principles 坚持四项基本原则
Adhere to reforms and opening to the outside world 坚持改革开放
Seizing the opportunity, deepening the reform, opening 抓住机遇,深化改革,
wider to the rest of the world, promoting development, 扩大开放,促进发展,
maintaining stability 保持稳定
Whether it would be beneficial to developing socialist 是否有利于发展社会主义生产力
productive forces
Whether it would be beneficial to enhancing the overall 是否有利于增强综合国力
strength of the country
Whether it would be beneficial to raising people’s living 是否有利于提高人民生活水平
Taking the socialist public ownership as the mainstay 以社会主义公有制为主体
Common development of multi-economic sectors 多种经济成分共同发展
Establishment of socialist market economy 社会主义市场经济的建立

Deepening economic reform 深化经济改革
Relationships among reform, development and stability 改革发展和稳定的关系
Deepening of reform and promotion of development 深化改革与促进发展
Economic growth and social progress 经济增长与社会进步
Strengthen the position of agriculture 加强农业的基础地位
Science and technology are the primary productive forces 科学技术是第一生产力
Strengthen the socialist legal system 加强社会主义法制
A series of policies and measures 一系列政策措施
Reform and opening up policy 改革开放政策
Reform measures 改革措施
Speed up reform 加快改革
Reform of economic system 经济体制改革
Reform of state-owned enterprises 国有企业改革
Strengthen the management of state-owned property 加强国有资产管理
Reform of management of state-owned property 国有资产管理体制改革
Reform of property rights system 产权制度改革
Reform of commodity circulation 商品流通体制改革
Reform of foreign trade system 外贸体制改革
Reform of personnel system 人事制度改革
Reform of social security system 社会保险制度改革
Reform of housing system 住房制度改革
Planning system 计划管理体制
Transferring the function of government 转换政府职能
Open door policy 开放政策
Open economy 开放经济
Open-door to the outside world 对外开放
Opening up 扩大开放
Open domestic market 开放国内市场
Introduce foreign capital, advanced technology and 引进外国的资金,先进技术和
managerial experiences 管理经验
Economic and technical development zone 经济技术开发区
Special economic zones in coastal areas 沿海经济特区
One country, two systems 一国两制
Special administrative region 特别行政区
Contract responsibility system with remuneration linked 家庭联产承包责任制
Narrowing the gap between the rich and poor 缩小贫富差距
Eliminate poverty 消除贫困
Common prosperity 共同富裕


Socialist market economy 社会主义市场经济
Socialist sector of economy 社会主义经济成分
State-owned economy 国有经济
Non-state economy 非国有经济
Collective economy 集体经济
Individual economy 个体经济
Coexistence of various economic composition 多种经济成分共存
Sustained, rapid and sound economic development 持续,快速和健康的经济发展
National economic budget 国民经济预算
Comprehensive development of economy 经济综合发展
Strategy for economic development 经济发展战略
Theory of macroeconomic policy 宏观经济政策理论
Macroeconomic decision 宏观经济决策
Microeconomic phenomenon 微观经济现象
Traditional planned economy 传统的计划经济
Stimulate economic development 刺激经济发展
Commodity economy 商品经济
Market economy 市场经济
Free market economy 自由市场经济
Developed market economy 发达的市场经济
Developing market economy 发展中的市场经济
Emerging market economy 新兴市场经济
Mature market economy 成熟市场经济
Market economy country 市场经济国家
Extensive economy 粗放型经济
Intensive economy 集约型经济
Transform the extensive economic 粗放型经济转变为
mode into intensive one 集约型经济
Mixed economy 混合经济
Regional economy 地区经济
Internal-oriented economy 内向型经济
Closed economy 闭关自守经济
Economic growth point 经济增长点
Economic growth mode 经济增长方式
Economic growth rate 经济增长率
Economy measure 经济手段
Diversified economy 多种经济,多样化经济
Economic situation 经济形势
Economic cycle 经济周期
Economic fluctuation 经济波动
Economic miracle 经济奇迹
Economic take-off 经济起飞
Economic recovery 经济复苏
Economic potential 经济潜力
Economic sanction 经济制裁
Global economy 全球经济
Economic globalization 经济全球化
Integration of world economy 世界经济一体化
International economic integration 国际经济一体化
New international economic order 国际新经济秩序
Multi-polarization of world economy 世界经济多极化
Economic community 经济共同体


Strengthen macro-control 加强宏观调控
Soft landing 软着路
Macro-economic situation 宏观经济形势
Macro control and micro invigoration 宏观控制与微观搞活
Control of overall volume and economic restructuring 总量控制与经济结构调整
Tight control on investment in fixed assets 紧缩固定资产投资控制
Tight financial and monetary policy 从紧的金融货币政策
Moderately tight monetary policy 适度从紧的货币政策
Moderately tight credit policy 适度从紧的信贷政策
Loosening tight monetary policy 放松紧缩的货币政策
Adequate amount of the money supply 适度货币供应量
Excessive amount of currency issue 过度货币发行量
Maintain monetary stability 保持货币稳定
Cheap money policy 低息货币政策
Adjustment of interest rate 利率调整
Cut interest rate 降低利率
Control of interest rate 利率控制
Deflation policy 紧缩政策
Market intervention 市场干预
State intervention 国家干预
Administrative interference 行政干预
Administrative intervention 行政干预
Administrative measure 行政措施
Economy measure 经济手段
Risk-control mechanism 风险控制机制
Overheated economy 过热的经济
Consumer price index 消费品价格指数
Commodity price index 商品物价指数
Retail price index 零售物价指数
Average price index 平均物价指数
Cost-of-living index 生活费用指数
Control of inflation 通货膨胀控制
Demand-pull inflation 需求拉动的通货膨胀
Double digit inflation 两位数字通货膨胀
Excessive inflation 过度的通货膨胀
Galloping inflation 恶性通货膨胀
Hyperinflation 极度通货膨胀
Hidden inflation 隐性通货膨胀
Structural inflation 结构性通货膨胀
Stagflation 经济停滞型的通货膨胀
Inflation factor 通货膨胀因素
Inflation of credit 信用膨胀
Inflation rate 通货膨胀率
Inflationary pressure 通货膨胀压力
Curb inflation 抑制通货膨胀
Curb the real estate craze 抑制房地产热
Development zone craze 开发区热
Overall demand and supply 总需求和总供给
Balance between supply and demand 供需平衡
Supply and demand relation 供求关系
Supply over demand 供过于求
Supply exceeds demand 供过于求
Economic crisis 经济危机
Economic depression 经济萧条


Establish a system for the management, supervision 建立国有资产管理,监督和营运体系
and operation of State assets
Reform of management of state-owned property 国有资产管理体制改革
Clearly defining property rights, specifying rights and 产权清晰,责权明确,政企分开,
responsibilities, separating ownership from daily 管理科学
management and adopting scientific management
Regulation on the supervision and management 国有企业监督管理条例
of the state-owned enterprises
Laws and regulations on the administration of 国有资产管理法律法规
state-owned property
Operate independently, assume sole responsibility 自主经营,自负盈亏,自我发展,
for its profits and losses, seek self-development 自我约束
and self-reliance
Uphold the principle of separating the functions of 坚持政企分开的原则,转变政府
government from those of enterprises and alter the 经济管理职能
government’s role in economic management
Safeguard state property 保卫国有资产
Preserve and increase value and prevent losses 保值增值防止流失
Prevent the drain of State-owned property 防止国有资产流失
Reform of property rights system 产权制度改革
Definition of property rights 产权界定
Clarification of property rights 明晰产权
Registration of property rights 产权登记
Annual checks of the registration of property rights 产权登记年检
Certificate of title 产权证书
Change of registration 变更登记
Change of title 产权变更
Transfer of property rights 产权转让
Transaction of property rights 产权交易
Property rights transfer agency 产权交易机构
Inspection of assets 资产清查
Re-evaluation of fixed assets 固定资产重估
Asset appraisal 资产评估
Productive assets 经营性资产
Non-productive assets 非经营性资产
Return on assets 资产收益
Balance sheet 资产负债表
Consolidated balance sheet 合并资产负债表

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